Sony Unveils New One Piece Water Resistant Music Player


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Sony uncovered a new one piece wrap-around music player – the W Series Walkman Model NWZ-W260. The new music player is similar to earlier ones that used the same concept but weighs 24 percent less than them. It also stands out from the familiar headsets at being about two-third smaller than them and it also is water resistant and rinsable. This feature could be a boon for those participating in fitness activities with their ear phones plugged in.

With the complete music player set inside the ear pieces it helps the users to let go of the ear phone cables that always get into our hands and gear.

This new walkman from Sony comes along with the company’s own software for content transfer that allows the users to upload music through a drag-and-drop feature similar to the hard drive.

The headset can play for up to eight hours continuously when fully charged. The company also claims that the new music player can be re-charged for just three minutes to offer playback for an hour when flat.

It comes with storage options of either 2GB or 4GB holding approximately 470 songs and around 990 songs respectively. The price of 2GB Sony Walkman is $59.99 and 4 GB Walkman is $79.99.