Sony reveals future PS3 3D firmware update details


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Earlier this year, Sony revealed that it would be providing 3D firmware updates for the PlayStation 3. The updates were announced to occur in two phases. The first phase that they announced was the 3D game firmware update. This update occurred at the end of April. The second announced phase was the firmware update to enable 3D Blu-Ray playback. It is scheduled to occur in September.

However, according to The Sixth Axis, "In addition to the narrowed release window, Pocket-Lint are reporting that there will be a third 3D related firmware update for the PlayStation 3, which will bring 3D photos to the platform. " This is very interesting news, and offers us a glimpse as to just how serious Sony is about their commitment to 3D. They have also recently announced updates for their Digital Cameras that will allow them to take 3D photos.

Sony announced at E3 that they intend to push 3D Blu-Ray as hard as they pushed the original Blu-Ray format. If they have their say, 3D will become the next major popular video format. The biggest hurdle that Sony and other consumer electronics companies must overcome is the perception by a majority of the public that the 3D glasses that must be worn to enjoy the format are nothing but a pain. The 3D gaming firmware update is the first step in that process. So, will Sony's 3D push succeed? Only time will tell.