Sony Ericsson Green Phones Introduced


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Sony Ericsson Green Phones Introduced

Sony Ericsson has taken the covers off two new eco-friendly mobile phones. The aptly named Elm and Hazel come with the eco- friendly tag and boast of green packaging, and also made in such a way that they reduce the CO2 emissions. The phones also come with documentation that aims to educate consumers to make environmentally friendly decisions. Both the devices are manufactured from recycled materials and are Free from hazardous chemicals , according to Sony Ericsson. The two phones also feature apps that encourage users to walk rather than drive apart from a green calculator and a power adapter that consumes lesser power when compared with normal chargers.

Now, for more on the phones.

The Elm and the Hazel both boast of similar features that include onboard GPS, a 5mp camera and dual band 3G. Both the devices also come with 280MB of internal memory augmented by microSD cards. The screens boars of QVGA resolution but vary in size. In physical terms, the Hazel has a 2.6 inch screen while the Elm s is slightly smaller at 2.2 inches. The major noticeable difference between the phones is the form factors. The Elm is a candybar while the Hazel is a slider.

Both the phones also uses a similar type of battery that gives the phones upto 10 hours of talktime on a GSM network and a 4 hour talktime on a 3G network. The Hazel comes in a choice of colors: "Passionate Rouge" and "Superior Black and the The Elm in "Metal Black and "Pearly Rose". Both the phones go on sale in 2010 with the Elm getting a Q1 release. The hazel will be out later in Q2. However, pricing details of both the devices have not been disclosed as yet.