Rampuriya !!
sometimes i sit and think of all the sins i've done,
and then i wonder- how i can make many into... none,

sometimes i think my life is just a lie,
and sometimes i wonder if i should just die,

then i think of all my family and friends,
and wonder if they'd cry if my life came to an end,

hide my true feelings with a smile,
and try and make it go that extra mile,

but the pressure and stress is becoming way too much for me to juggle,
i never knew that my life could be such a struggle,

not even i know the real me,
and not even i could let 'me' be,

if only i knew that every thing would be okay,
and if only i knew that i could see another day,

i pray to the lord that my life is not just a waste,
not a problem or mistake... that couldn't be erased.