Sometimes I ..... !


ImmorTaL KhalsA
Sometimes I’m curious,
To scan ur mind,
To skim over ur heart,
And squint my eyes,
Just to see something being heedless of it.

Sometimes I try,
To utter some words,
To express some feelings,
And numb my mind,
Just to sedate the trepidation of loosing you.

Sometimes I need,
To cry alot,
To ease my pain,
And dig my heart,
Just to feel again the good times that we shared.

Sometimes I wish,
To start over again,
To start it in ur way,
And desert u in the mid,
Just to make u feel the way I felt.

Sometimes I imagine,
To see my soul,
To see it catching every glimpse of yours,
And draw it in reality,
Just to end up with this madness.

Sometimes I......!