Something jatti wud wanna know !


Done Deal !
I was just talking to my brother...he is a shahrukh khan fan juss like u and he told me he was watching TV and they were showing like 100 sexiest men in the world, and shahrukh khan is one of them...though on # 70....but he's made it to the list !

Me: waddup
Me: wachya doin
Mybro: nuthi

Mybro: k rajan is botherin me and he want me to tell u
Mybro: that
Me: what?
Mybro: he was goin thru channels on tv
Mybro: and he saw 101 sexist cleberties
Me: lol
Mybro: and he saw shah rukh hkan
Me: he needed to see that
Me: hahaha
Me: really
Mybro: yeaa
Mybro: like on number 70


He's way better looking in real life :dr , I totally lost my voice due to screaming after I came back from his show :hyper .. Though I like him because of his characters in DDLJ, KKKG, KKHH, etc. Smitten


Jatt_on_Jaunt said:
shakrukh:sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy
sexy di defi de menu koi :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy :sleepy
lao ji definition, attractive te appealing aa ida dictionary meaning.. he might not have conventional good looks.. but his personality is charismatic .. Smitten
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