Something about Foji Gill

Foji Gill A.K.A Full name Manjit Singh Gill, born in Coventry is a Punjabi singer, writer and producer, brought up in Birmingham where he has lived for most of his life. Foji has risen to fame in 2010, and has managed to reach number 1 in the Official Asian Download Chart in a very short amount of time, having produced his own songs which has led him to be an up and coming star.

Foji started out singing and dancing for bhangra dance group Nachda Sansaar, with whom he performed at, amongst others, the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 and the 24th G8 summit. He has previously tried to make it into the British Asian Scene, but has been let down a number of times.
However after releasing his first single, Bondhlgai, in late 2009, his second single, Dafa Hoja, became the most successful single to date in the Official Asian Download Chart, with both tracks featuring in the inaugural chart. Dafa Hoja enjoyed an unbroken, and unprecedented, 16 week spell in the top 10 and is the only single which featured in the first official countdown in March 2010 that still remains in the chart.

Foji third release was Bruah, and on 24 July 2010 became the only original Bhangra single by a solo artist to date to top the Official Asian Download Chart. His fourth single, a tribute to the punjabi freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, was released in August 2010. Despite featuring within the iTunes top 100 downloads within the World music category at one point, and receiving critical acclaim in The Times of India, the track which may be seen as containing some politically sensitive lyrics was not featured in the Official Asian Download Chart on BBC radio
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