some jokes

A businessman called home at noon one day, but the maid answered. When the man asked to speak to his wife, the maid replied, "She's upstairs in the bedroom entertaining her boyfriend." After sputtering and fuming for a minute, the businessman asked the maid if she would like to make $1000 000 for a few minutes' work. She said, "of course. What do I have to do?" He answered, "Take my shotgun from the closet and shoot the both of them."

The maid put the phone down. He heard footsteps proceeding upstairs, then two shots rang out. The maid picked up the phone and said, "Okay, it's done. What shall I do with the bodies?"

The man said, "Take them out back and throw them into the pool."

"What pool?" the maid asked.

After a moment of silence, the man said, "Is this 555 5953?"