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1. Amazon, originally a printed
book seller company, now sells
more e-books than printed

2. The first domain name ever
registered was

3. 80% of all pictures on the
internet are of naked women

4. Tim Berners-Lee coined the
phrase “World Wide Web” in

5. U.S. President Bill Clinton’s
inauguration in January 1997 was
the first to be webcast.

6. Google uses an estimated 15
billion kWh of electricity per
year, more than most countries.
However, google generates a lot
of their own power with their
solar panels.

7. Bill Gates, the founder of
Microsoft was a college drop

8. Bill Gates house was designed
Using a Macintosh computer.

9. About 1.8 billion people
connect to the Internet, only 450
million of them speak English.

10. In 2012, approximately 17
billion devices (which includes
computers, tablets and mobile)
connected to the Internet.

11. Sweden has the highest
percentage of internet users,
they are 75%.

12. Did you know that Email was
already around before the
World Wide Web came?

13. Up until the 14th of
September, 1995, domain
registration was free.

14. One of the world’s leading
computer and computer
peripheral manufacturer Hewlett
Packard was first started in a
garage at Palo Alto in the year