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'Son, who are you?'
A soldier, my good sir
'What do you do, soldier?'
I follow orders

'Who do you kill?'
Any enemy I find
'Don't you see what you are doing?'
Well, justice is blind..

'Is it worth it?'
I hardly know
'Then why do you continue?'
Because they said so

'Who are they?'
The leaders I follow
'Do they have a cause?'
Well, no one knows

I'm a soldier, sir
I don't get to ask questions
They hand me over a gun,
And there aren't many options

It's 'either kill
Or get killed instead'
So I close my eyes,
And just fire at them

They could be someone's family,
Relative or friends
I cry a river inside,
Each time I drop an empty shell

Every shell tells me, 'Congratulations!
You've taken yet another life.'
He might have two lovely children,
And a beautiful wife

I try to lower my gun,
As i feel remorse
'Be ALERT!', someone shouts
'The enemy is close!'

I fail to see any difference,
Between my friends and foes
Both wear camouflage,
And fire with a hope

A hope that their actions
are for the right cause
Whereas the real enemies
sit in oval offices and enjoy the show

War never determines
Who is right, but 'left'
There's no honour in killing
And for sure, no respect

What i truly fight for,
Yet remains a mystery
I'm just a soldier,
Who fights for his country......

- Harinder Singh
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