Snails and snakes among items left behind by hotel guests


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While mobiles and passports are the most common items left behind by hotel guests, some bizarre items found in rooms include snails and even snakes, according to a new survey.

A survey by an online travel company of 500 hotels around the world found that cell phones, passports, toothbrushes and house keys are the most common items travellers leave behind.

Among the strangest items guests forgot in the hotel rooms were snails which were left behind in a Budapest hotel room, while USD 10,000 in cash was found hidden in a US hotel.

A hotel in Washington was shocked to discover a live snake in a room, reported.

A man in a Prague hotel left his wife behind and another forgot his mother was with him and left without her, the survey by found.

A dog was left behind by its owner in Milan, a wedding dress was forgotten in New York and a police officer left his gun and badge in a Las Vegas hotel room.