Six Pack Diet For Your Abs


Six Pack Abs is not need of the hour because it is in fashion but because it ensures healthy living. Getting a six packs involves loosing fat and building muscles, which supports your spin and thus provides you a correct posture. However, only exercise does not support six pack abs. Your diet plays a major role. A six pack diet programme is very different from general weight loss. A correct six pack diet determines the success of your exercises. The diet does not preach eating less or spiking meals but eating under certain guidelines.

Six Pack Diet

1.Protein Diet -
To get a six packs it is important that you build your muscles. Muscles which are firm. Protein is the building block of muscles. For proper Protein content one should include cheese, chicken, fish, milk and egg white in their meal. Tuna and salmon fish are the best source of protein.

2.Carbs – Avoid consumption of starchy carbs. They add on to the fat and disturb digestion. Starchy carbs include bread, pasta etc. Good carbs, however, should be included in every meal because they are a great source of energy. This constant flow of energy will support your extended exercise regime.

3.Small Dinner – After dinner, when we go off to sleep, our body is at complete rest and this gradually reduces the metabolism rate. Thus, calories are less burnt at night. This means that the body takes in all the fat consumed by you. Thus, a heavy diet at dinner, will add on more to your fat accumulation. Thus, it is advised to take a very light dinner and go for a walk after that. It is best to meet your hunger with fruits and vegetables. They are good source of nutrients and carbs but do not provide excess fat to the body.

4.Eat After Workout – Till four hours after workout, the metabolism is at it's peak. Thus, it is advised that one should take meal with this time so that the body burns out all the calories, thus storing less fat. Don't let your metabolism die out.

5.4-6 Meals A Day – Generally we eat three meals a day but the six pack diet demands you break you food intake of the day into 4-6 times. This keeps your metabolism going and thus burning of your calories are on. Make sure to include a dose of protein in your every diet, so that your body does not need to muscle for fuel source.

Six Pack Diet plan supports your workout regime and ensures healthy living and lifestyle.