Singer Asha Bhosale's bahu files for divorce


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Singer Asha Bhosale’s daughter-in-law has filed for divorce from her husband on grounds of cruelty and is seeking a monthly maintenance of Rs 5 lakh

Mumbai: Melody queen Asha Bhosale is 77 now. But when she was still in her teens, Bhosale and her two children, including son Hemant, then a toddler, were left penniless and homeless by husband Ganpat Bhosale, who illtreated her. However, she then sang her way to stardom, wealth and affection of the entire nation. Almost 60 years later, one of her daughters-in-law, Sajidah aka Rama Bhosale (58), says she is facing a similar situation.

Sajidah moved the family court in Bandra, alleging that her husband Hemant (61) has “illtreated” her “since the inception” of their marriage in 1985. She wants a divorce from him on grounds of cruelty under the Hindu Marriage Act. “He humiliated me and finally deserted me in 2003 for an English woman,” Sajidah has stated in her petition. She has made no allegations against her mother-in-law.

Sajidah, who retired as an airhostess from Air India last year, had converted to Hinduism to marry Hemant. It was her first marriage and his second. She is now seeking a monthly interim maintenance of Rs 5 lakh. She said she had to buy a flat in Andheri on a loan while he is supporting the English woman at their Panchgani bungalow and in Scotland where he has a 59-acre property. She also claims that Hemant sold off many properties
in Scotland and England for several hundred thousand pounds.

A few days ago, the court directed Hemant to pay his wife an interim maintenance of Rs 25,000 a month. Sajidah’s lawyers—Flavia Agnes and Dolly Mendonca —as well as Hemant’s lawyer Shilpi Shyamani highlighted the discordant notes in the couple’s lives. “Looking at the status of the family and his foreign earnings, she is entitled to proper maintenance,’’ said Agnes while Shyamani denied that Hemant had any significant income in India. Instead, she said, he is a not-so-successful music director in Mumbai. Hemant insists that his wife is “not entitled to any maintenance as she is earning and her income is bigger.” He denied owning any property in Mumbai and said the Panchgani bungalow belongs to his mother. He, however, admitted in court that there was one Scottish property, which he jointly owned with an English woman. It was bought to facilitate the education abroad of their only child, a daughter who is in her early 20s.

Sajidah told , “I spent all my earnings on him. Now, I am left literally with nothing and no support for even my basic needs.”