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Make plain glass sparkle with a coat of shimmery glitter.

This is such an adorable packaging idea!

Painted Feathers can add an instant fun element to your work desk. You could also replace feathers with dried flowers,twigs or pines

Stick a twigs with strong glue onto a plastic or glass and make your own stunning wooden candle holder in no time!


Miss Alone

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Make your own statement accessory in no time, and save some extra bucks!

Jazz up your notebook using old magazines or newspapers. You must totally try this out!

This #DIY can be done on any plain tee of yours! The result is just AWESOME!

| Turn fancy buttons into chic statement rings |

First, use pliers to remove the shank (the little hook) from the back of your button.Then apply a small amount of a strong-hold glue to the back of the button and place it on a ring with a base, which you can find at a jewellery supply store. Allow a few minutes to dry and then pick a finger—or five!


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