*Simple & Cute hair bow tutorial


*Nirbhau Nirvair*

how to make a SUPER simple hair bow. These involve little to no skill {promise} and will cost you about .25 cents a bow!

How To Tutorial:


  • Ribbon ( I prefer 1 – 11/2 in grosgrain ribbon ) – found mine at Hobby Lobby
  • Hair clips (found at Hobby Lobby or Sally’s)
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors


The first thing you’ll do is cut your ribbon. like 5-6-7 inches. The longer the ribbon… the bigger the bow!

1. Fold in one end to the center and hot glue

2. Fold in the other end to meet the first one in the middle. You don’t want to use too much glue here. A little will do.

3. Place a small dot of glue in the center of the bow and pinch together.

4. Pull the ends back and glue 1/2 inch piece of ribbon around the center. You can cut 1/2 inch piece from your ribbon (make sure to use fray check or fire, so the edges don’t fray) or you can use a 1/2 inch piece of ribbon in a different color

5. Glue your alligator hair clip to the back of the bow.

Then make some more!
Once you get the hang of it, these will only take you a minute to make.

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