Simon Cowell looking for a house in New York


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Simon Cowell is looking to buy a property in New York — but he does not plan to move in with the woman carrying his child, despite insisting they’re in a serious relationship.

Pregnant Lauren Silverman, who finalised her divorce from husband Andrew last week, has agreed to stay in New York so the couple can share custody of their seven-year-old son Adam.

X-Factor boss Cowell is interested in a house in The Hamptons, one of the most exclusive areas of New York state.

He has already agreed to rent Lauren an apartment in New York and has also given her the use of a £10 million (Dh57 million) house in Beverly Hills for whenever she is in Los Angeles, but he plans to use his other mansion nearby as his own base while in California.

The 53-year-old has previously given homes to former girlfriends including Mezhgan Hussainy and Terri Seymour, prompting questions over whether this new relationship will last.

A source close to the TV millionaire said: “Simon has tried to take a back seat while the divorce proceedings are ongoing, but now he’s starting to think about the future. Buying his own place in New York seems a logical step so he can see his child when it is born. But he isn’t ready to live with Lauren.

“He doesn’t like anything to interfere with his routine. He hasn’t decided what to buy yet but he’s thinking about The Hamptons — it’s the place to live if you’re wealthy and successful.”

The source added: “He and Lauren will spend some time together — probably some nights under the same roof — but he wants his own space. He is keen to keep control of his own life. He’s always enjoyed having the freedom to keep himself to himself and he’s not prepared to give that up.”

It had previously been thought that Lauren — accused of having an affair with Cowell behind her husband’s back — would move to LA to be with the mogul. But her divorce agreement will keep her on America’s East Coast.

Cowell, currently enjoying a holiday on a £40 million yacht in the Mediterranean with a group of beautiful female friends, insists he plans to stay in a relationship with Lauren and will “do the right thing” by his unborn child.

Worth an estimated £250 million, Cowell claims to be besotted by Lauren and “very taken” by the prospect of fatherhood.

He has so far refused to speak about her pregnancy, claiming it could damage Lauren’s divorce proceedings, but previously allowed a close friend to talk to The Mail on Sunday.

The friend said: “Simon and Lauren are smitten and very much in love and looking forward to the baby. I have never seen Simon so excited. Becoming a father has put things into perspective for him.”

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