Simon Cowell: I'm sorry


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When Cheryl Cole was dropped from the US X Factor in May, it seemed both her career in the US and her close friendship with Simon Cowell were over.

Now, after meeting him secretly two weeks ago, it seems that Cole has forgiven the TV mogul for not doing more to keep her on as a judge on the show. The singer, 28, who is in Los Angeles filming a cameo role for the movie What To Expect When You're Expecting, visited Cowell at his home in the city.

"Simon invited her for dinner," says a source. "He did all the running — he was much more upset about their friendship breaking down than he let on. He had been trying to persuade her to meet up for weeks.

"They talked about the sacking and Simon explained why it happened, and apologised for the first time. Simon has told Cheryl he wants to work on future projects together."

It is said the pair have since been in touch by text.