Sikhs in France must remove turbans for license snaps


Sikhs in France must remove turbans for license snaps
France’s highest administrative body ruled on Monday that Sikhs must remove their turbans for drivers license photos, calling it a question of public security and not a restriction on freedom of religion.

2006-03-07 01:01:00


Done Deal !
That is so dumb, calling it a security reason, a person's personality comes with his attire, that is really something stupid on french gov's part.........
Well atleast US ch ta eda nahi hai, license, passport kise cheej te vi eda di restriction nahi hai !


That's so not fair.. like everything else. That's infringing religious freedom. I wonder, when people will start respecting each other's beliefs. Such baseless regulations fuel religious discrimination. French govt. probably feeds on dung, or else how would their heads be so full of it :haha


~*~ NiMaNa ~*~
sahi keha bai ramin........ aaunde ehna nu punjab 24 ghante pagg na bnai asi v punjbai ni..... othe sher bani firde ne