Signs Of A Good Relationship


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Relationship is not a continuous and steady process. It is ever changing and dynamic. Relationship is much like a wave where ups and downs are an inherent part of its existence. One moment you and your partner may be having the time of your life, filled with warmth and laughter, cheese and champagne, but at the very next moment dark clouds gather over the horizon, and the battle for the remote begins. In a good relationship, fights and quarrels are like blood and nerves. Both necessary and both essential to foster more love! But such discord should not be daily occurrence and should not leave any bitterness and hurt behind. But if every little thing leads to a fight, which becomes worse than the one preceding it, then you can safely say that continuing on that relationship holds nothing for either of the partners. The question now is how do you know if your relationship is worth to be carried on? Just because the partners don’t fight doesn’t mean that all is ‘cozy and warm’. Silence is another form of war, popularly known as cold war. There are certain indicators that can point towards this. The first, of course, is how you feel in your relationship. The rest are secondary. To learn more, read the signs of a good relationship and determine whether or not is your relationship worth saving.

Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

  • Respect for one another is the foremost sign that the relationship is strong. In a relationship respect means that one person values the other for whoever he/she is. The partners also understand each other and recognize each other’s boundaries.
  • Trust is the glue that joins two partners in a successful relationship. Without trust, healthy relationship is just a dream. It is also one factor that prevents jealousy from arising and wreaking the relationship. A little jealousy is acceptable in any relationship, but a little trust can be disastrous. Only complete trust can put the lid from oozing out jealousy. So, a good relationship will always have mutual trust between the partners.
  • Any good relationship should also display warmth and affection. If both the partners can see the essence of each other and consider that the minor faults are of no consequence, then the relationship can have a healthy future. Warmth and affection for each other will go a long way ensuring that the relationship doesn’t suffer any cracks.
  • Undoubtedly, fun and laughter is the most striking sign of a good relationship. When both the partners enjoy each other’s company, then the most stressful of times can be easily lightened. If being together is most cherished fun in both the partners’ life, then be sure that such a relationship will have little to suffer from any external influences.
  • Every successful relationship depends on conflict resolution. This is because in any relationship, conflicts are bound to occur. It all depends on how the conflicts are resolved by the partners. In good relationships, this is done by letting go of anger and breaking the wall created by the ego.
  • Relationships should not feel binding and burdensome. If either of the partners’ feels this, then know that in time, the relationship is sure to crumble to dust. Couples in a good and healthy relationship feel free to be themselves. They feel free to exert their individuality and also feel free to say ‘no’. It goes without saying that the other person respects and understands such feelings.
  • In a good relationship, both the partners act as mutual support for each other. There is always a shoulder to cry on and no matter how hard the times are, a helping hand is always near.