shocking news


Most Shocking is. that there parents or bro/sis they didnt have any idea about there relationship and these two guys just met two months ago on some wedding...

so it must be something else then parents forcing or anything...


No defeat is possible till you stop trying. Suicide reflects cowardice more than helplessness. If you die while trying to be together that's different but giving up is sad. If you are true, fight for it.
pata ni ki majboori c vicharian di ke viah karva ke v ih karna pia...aapan taan andaze hi la sakde haan, ho sakda ghardian ne gharo kadh te hon, par jo v hai museebtaan da mukabla karna chaida hai na ke bhajna chaida hai.kehnde hun rab v unha da sath dinda hai jo museebtaan da daleri naal mukabla karde hun

jo v hoia maada hoya

aashiqan di kahdi zindgi........


neil said:
Young lovers commit suicide
Bodies found floating in Sukhna Lake
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, January 20
In a case of joint suicide, a young couple in their twenties jumped into the Sukhna Lake after tying their hands together with a dupatta. Their bodies were found floating this afternoon.
Even though their identities were yet to be confirmed, the police said the two apparently decided to die in each other's company after their failure to live together.
Police is of the opinion that they came to city from Delhi. Before deciding to end their lives, the two tied the knot. Henna was there on the woman's hands.
The cops on duty said in all probability the couple jumped into the lake a few days back. Due to the cold weather conditions, the bodies took some time to surface.
A stroller on the lake noticed the head of the man in the murky waters of the lake near the tower and informed the police at the Sukhna Lake police post at around 3:30 pm. The police reached the spot and pulled the body out. To their surprise, another body, tied to the first with a blue dupatta, emerged out.
The in-charge of the Sukhna Lake Police Post, Sub-Inspector Jaswinder Singh said no document, which could help in establishing the identity of the victims was found on the bodies.
The police has recovered keys of a room of a Sector 22 hotel from the man's pocket. Besides a wallet containing about Rs 200 has also been found. A team of police officials went to the hotel.
The hotel staff told the police that room number 110 was booked by a couple on January 12. According to entry made in the hotel's register, the man introduced himself as Rohit, a resident of Vishnu Garden, Delhi, and mentioned the woman as his wife.
The couple checked in at the hotel at 5 pm and mentioned Shimla as their destination. The hotel staff further told the police that the couple went out from at around 7 pm the same day without luggage. They came to the hotel in a taxi (CH-01(T)-7121). On the next day, the taxi driver came to the hotel and asked about the couple. The hotel staff went to the room and found it locked. Subsequently they reported the matter to the police, said a police officer.
The sources in the Sector 22 Police post confirmed the report and said they had searched the room on January 13. The in-charge of the Sector 22 Police post, SI Dilsher Singh Chandel said a black dairy and a library acquisition slip of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana bearing a name "Sonia Verma" on it was recovered from the room.
The bodies had started to decay and were emitting foul smell. The woman was wearing a blue suit and had long hair. She was wearing a brown jacket and white sandals. The man was wearing grey jersey, cream trousers and black shoes. Both the victims were of fair complexion. The police teams have been sent to the Delhi and Ludhiana to trace the addresses of the victims.

ref: chandigarh tribune
no offences .. par mainu ihna varge lokkan te taas tak ni aaunda, edan de loki seriously jeen da haq ni rakhde
nakaara buzdil jehe

chaahe jo vi prob rahi howe , life is kinda big enuff to fight with anything and emerge winner or mabe die fighting, atleast gracefully.


JaY said:
i wuld neva commit suicide ... im too much of a chicken :an :an :an

*Jess and chicken...uh uh.....i dun think so. u r a tough girl.
But it's really sad to read that young ppl r committing suicide b'coz their parents don't support them in their decisions.