Shoaib admits to marriage with Ayesha, signs divorce papers


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Shoaib admits to marriage with Ayesha, signs divorce papers

A compromise appears to have been reached between Shoaib Malik and the family of Ayesha Siddiqui, who claims to have married him, apparently paving the way for his marriage with tennis star Sania Mirza here on April 15.

Shams Babar, a friend of the Siddiqui family, told the media that "This is true. A compromise has taken place this morning. The divorce papers have been signed by Shoaib. Divorce has taken place".

Asked if the cases against Shoaib, who is slated to marry tennis star Sania Mirza here on April 15, would be withdrawn after the latest development, he said, "Yes, of course."

Mustafa Khan, a well-wisher of both the families, told reporters that the Siddiqui family would withdraw the police case against Shoiab.

A number of Muslim community leaders are understood to have brokered the deal between the two sides, negotiations for which started last night and concluded this morning.

Abid Rasool Khan, a Congress leader and an important member of the community, said many Muslim leaders were involved in working out the compromise.

Sadiqua Babar, a friend of Ayesha and whose father was involved in working out the compromise deal, said it was a great relief that the marriage row has ended.

"He (Shoaib) signed it (divorce papers) this morning. Everything happened in an amicable manner."

"She (Ayesha) and all of us are relieved that finally it ended.. Everyone is happy that the trauma is over," she said.

"My father (Shams) brokered the deal between the two families. There was no money involved, name was involved. Clearing of her name was very important", she said.

"Shoaib and Ayesha both signed the divorce papers," she said.

Ayesha claims Shoaib married her over phone and later dumped her due to her weight problems without taking a formal divorce and has produced copies of the 'nikahnamma' to support her claim.

Shoaib, on the other hand, maintained that he never committed himself to Ayesha who is making these claims as he was sent photographs of a different lady during the relationship that grew over telephone conversations and internet chats.

Ayesha had filed an FIR against the all-rounder alleging fraud and criminal intimidation which has led to his passport being confiscated by Hyderabad Police which is investigating the case.


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