Shia cleric gets a taste of woman power


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Lucknow, June 30

Not ready to take things lying down anymore, three women thrashed a Shia cleric and employees of a well-known madarsa in the city for reportedly endorsing their one-sided talaq.

The three aggrieved women, two of them sisters, had been married into the same family to three brothers, residents of Sarfarazganj locality in the old city. Their respective husbands have divorced all of them one by one during the last one year.

The divorces had been endorsed by the clerics belonging to the madaris reportedly for a price without verifying the facts of the case and taking the consent of the women as prescribed in the Shia law, claimed president of the All-India Women Muslim Personal Law Board Shaista Amber.

Yesterday the three women, Mumtaz, Nishat and Arshi, stormed the Shia madarsa Sultannual Madarsis under the Wazirganj police station and thrashed the administrator Maulana Reza Sajid and two other clerics Maulana Saiyid Mohammad Musa Rizvi and Maulana Asghar Zaidi.

One of the women Mumtaz, married to Ali Imran Abdi in 1996, was divorced a year ago. On June 14 Maulana Asghar signed the talaq papers allegedly without verifying the facts of the case and taking her consent as prescribed in the Shia law.

Mumtaz sister in law, Arshi, had suffered the same fate a month ago. And the third sister-in-law had also undergone a one-sided divorce some time ago. The three wronged women alleged that the maulanas attached to the institution were facilitating divorce for money without consulting the women.

The madarsa administration has lodged an FIR against the three women in the Wazirganj police station without stating any reason for the attack.

All-India Shia Personal Law Board member Yasoob Abbas, however, admitted that they had been receiving complaints against these clerics but could not take any action, as there was no substantive evidence.