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Fresh twist: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani Mukerjea was her daughter, not sister

Fresh details have emerged adding a bizarre twist to the alleged murder of Sheena Bora.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Sheena was the daughter, and not the sister of Indrani Mukerjea, wife of top TV honcho Peter Mukerjea. Mikhail Bora, Sheena Bora's brother speaking to TV channels confirmed he and Sheena were Indrani's children. He told CNN IBN, "Have no doubt my mother Indrani killed my sister Sheena Bora."

"Whenever I asked Indrani about my sister, she would tell me that she was abroad and too busy to speak to me," he added.

Peter Mukerjea, Indrani's husband, also spoke to CNN IBN. "Sheena was having affair with my younger son and Indrani did not approve of their relationship," he said.

Cops have arrested Indrani Mukerjea, wife of one of India's most high-profile broadcast media executives, for the murder of Sheena in a case that is sensational for at least two reasons: the dramatis personae involved and the way in which the alleged killers covered their tracks and escaped all suspicion for three years.

The case would have remained one more of Mumbai Police's unsolved cases had an informer not tipped off the cops about the murder that occurred three years ago. He told cops that he had information about the murder of Sheena Bora that occurred in 2012 and could also lead them to the murderer and the victim's body.

Khar cops picked up Mukerjea's driver a few days ago based on this information and started grilling him and he confessed to having murdered Bora at Mukerjea's behest. He also told the cops that he dumped Bora's body in the forests of Raigad. Mumbai cops then got in touch with their counterparts in Raigad, who confirmed that the remains of an unknown woman were found from the same spot.

Khar police then arrested the driver and then, based on his confession, asked Mukerjea to present herself for questioning on Tuesday. She was arrested after a three-hour grilling session.

Both of them were produced in the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate's court on Tuesday and cops got their custody till August 31. Both have been booked under Sections 302 (murder), 363 (kidnapping) and 201 (destroying evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.
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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani Muker

Sheena Murder: Police Question Indrani Mukerjea’s First Husband


Indrani and Peter Mukerjea (left) Sheena Bora with Rahul Mukerjea (right)

The two, reportedly half-siblings, had an affair - said Peter Mukerjea in a phone interview to CNN-IBN. Although, this has not been independently confirmed by The Quint.

The case has grabbed the headlines after the arrest of Indrani Mukerjea, the wife of Peter Mukerjea, in the alleged murder of Sheena Bora.
Sheena was reportedly passed off by Indrani as her sister, but it
has since been discovered that she was in fact, Indrani’s daughter from a previous marriage.

CNN-IBN reports that police are now questioning Sanjeev Khanna who is Indrani Mukerjea’s first husband.


Mumbai police Commissioner Rakesh Maria confirms to CNN-IBN that Sheena Bora was Indrani Mukerjea’s daughter.


Peter Mukerjea Drops Bombshell

CNN-IBN is quoting Peter Mukerjea, the husband of Indrani Mukerjea as confirming speculation that Sheena and his son (step-siblings) had an affair.


Peter Mukerjea, in a telephonic interview to NDTV, said that in 2012 he was told that Sheena had gone to the US for further studies.

“My son had tried to contact Sheena but her phone was switched off for obvious reasons. When he came to me, I asked him to move on.”

Brother’s Interview Confirms True Relationship Between Sheena, Indrani

It seems pretty clear that Sheena Bora was Indrani Mukerjea’s daughter, not sister. In an interview to Times Now, Mikhail Bora who is Sheena’s brother confirmed that they are Indrani’s children. He also said that Indrani and Sheena had conflicts.

I want justice for my elder sister.
— Mikhail Bora, Sheena’s Brother


Meanwhile, Indrani has also reportedly admitted to the police that she is Sheena’s mother, and not sister as she has all along claimed.

Speaking to The Indian Express over the phone, Peter Mukerjea said he was shocked over the arrest of his wife.

The police will not make up a case and they would arrest a person only after they have something against her. They told us that she is being taken to a police station in connection with a case. There was nothing amiss in my wife’s conduct and the two share a very normal relationship like any other siblings.
— Peter Mukerjea

He said he did not recall details of the missing person’s complaint registered in May 2012 for Sheena. He said he didn’t know of any farmhouse that Indrani’s family owned or visited in Raigad.

Times Now reports that Sheena’s body was chopped up and burnt, and disposed off in Raigad. A school friend, Indrajit, speaking to the media, said that her murder ‘is a kind of honour killing.’ He also added that Indrani, “who the media is styling as her sister is actually her mother.” Sheena’s grandparents have maintained that she wasn’t in the country and wouldn’t be back for a couple of years at least.

Motive For Alleged Murder Personal?

Times Now reports that the motive for the murder of Sheena Bora may not be just a property dispute; it may even have been a personal tiff. A police team has been sent to Kolkata for further investigations and are on the lookout for a third person, who remains unnamed to the media. CNN-IBN adds that Mumbai Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria was a part of the team that grilled Mukerjea.

Avirook Sen, former Executive Editor of NewsX, speaks of his experiences, and his meetings with Indrani Mukerjea, who was ‘ever keen to increase her stake,’ in the company.

Two or three times every month, there would be these ‘Indrani’ meetings. Indrani Mukerjea nee Bora, was Peter’s wife, half of the ‘Power-that-was’ at NewsX, but ever keen to increase her stake
— Avirook Sen, Former Executive Editor, NewsX

Sheena’s batch mates from St Xavier’s College have tweeted her reaction.

Indrani Mukerjea, wife of former Star TV CEO Peter Mukerjea, has been arrested by the Mumbai Police on charges of murdering her sister Sheena Bora in 2012 and disposing off her body.
However, according to The Telegraph, an even more dramatic element has been added to the case,

With a close family friend claiming that she had been told Sheena was Indrani’s daughter from an earlier relationship. The claim could not be verified with either Peter, the former CEO of STAR India, or the legal representatives of Indrani who has been sent to police custody till August 31. But at least four other friends echoed the family friend.

The murder would have remained a mystery had the police not been ‘tipped off that Indrani’s driver Shyam Rai had been seen frequenting the place in Raigad from where Sheena’s body was found.’

Following the lead, police officers of the Khar Police Station, Mumbai took Mukerjea’s driver Shyam Rai into custody. After questioning, Rai admitted that he had murdered Bora at Mukerjea’s behest, and dumped her body in the forests of Raigad, Maharashtra.

Remains of a woman’s dead body were then discovered at the spot Rai mentioned. He was arrested thereafter, and based on his confession, Mukerjea was asked to appear for questioning on Tuesday, she was arrested after a three-hour-long interrogation session.

Indrani had introduced Sheena to Mumbai society as her sister. Sheena and a younger boy were born to Indrani when she was married to another man before she became Peter’s wife.
– Family Source to The Telegraph

‘Sheena and her brother, were brought up by their maternal grandparents in Guwahati. The children eventually moved to Mumbai and Sheena did her graduation from St. Xavier’s College there.’
Mukerjea and Rai have been booked under Sections 302 (murder), 363 (kidnapping) and 201 (destroying evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.
Indrani Mukerjea founded INX Media Pvt Ltd in 2007, through two companies INX Media Pvt Ltd and INX News Pvt Ltd, and was the Chairman of the company till 2009. She has worked as a PR consultant in the past.

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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani Muker

TOI spoke to Sanjeev Khanna who lives in Kolkata, just before his arrest on Wednesday afternoon.

Khanna runs a wireless communication business and has not remarried. "I met Indrani in 1990, a few months after she had moved to Calcutta. She was doing a computer course and lived as a paying guest. We dated for a while and decided to get married in 1993." The ceremony was a small one with "hardly anyone from Indrani's side of the family," said Khanna. He never got to meet anyone in her family "except Indrani's father, just once."

Her parents had objected to her marriage, he said, which was why she chose to cut off ties with them and never went back to see them.

Khanna recalls seeing Indrani carry an old photograph of a little girl and a boy with her at all times. "This was just after we got married. When I asked her who they were she told me that they were her brother and sister. I would try and encourage her to mend things with her family but she would refuse to keep in touch."

It was in 2001, after Indrani moved to Mumbai with the HR placement agency she founded, that she fell out with Khanna. "She always wanted to make it big and I never stopped her," says Khanna, who was in the dark about Sheena and Michail or Indrani's first relationship until Wednesday morning. Sanjeev and Indrani have a daughter called Vidhie who was nine years old when Indrani tied the knot with Peter Mukerjea. Vidhie took on the Mukerjea surname. She was studying at the University of Bristol and expected to move to London this September.

Most friends and business associates expressed shock when the news broke as they remember Indrani as an "affable" and "amicable lady".
Suhel Seth, a close friend of Peter Mukerjea, remembers the time when the couple met for the first time. "It was at a party I had hosted at the Old Library Bar at the Taj President. We were sitting at a table—Peter with his (then) girlfriend Sapna, Murli Deora and Sumantra Dutta when Alyque (Padamsee) walked in with Indrani. Three days later Peter told me in Delhi that they were seeing each other."

It was a small wedding ceremony that took place in Suhel Seth's garden house in Delhi in 2002 and much like her second marriage with Khanna, this wedding too barely saw anyone from her family. "No one from her immediate family attended," said Seth.
Alyque Padamsee, who had played cupid and introduced Peter and Indrani at Suhel's party, was aghast when he heard of the news for the first time when TOI called him.

"Goodness gracious me! I can't believe Indrani could do such a thing. I remember her as a party-going person and I introduced them at the same table. She was waiting to get her divorce at that time."

Filmmaker Rensil D Silva remembers Peter and Indrani's business equation when Peter had helped give a headstart to O&M's second agency
Meridian back in 2008 with the launch of 9X, of which he was the founder and strategy officer, and Indrani, the CEO.

"This was the first campaign we did. Peter came on board as a well-wisher and most of the launch discussions would happen with Indrani's approval. Peter entrusted her with all the approval powers and made her the one-point contact," says Rensil. "Peter was never a traditional client with his great business acumen and understanding of the media. Indrani had a similar approach. She was more of a collaborator without a master-slave attitude. After they left 9X, we continued for a while but the company was quite headless without them and we ended our relation with 9X soon after."

Author and journalist Avirook Sen had had a slanging match with Indrani before leaving NewsX. A lot of what he had written during those days of tussle is still online.

On being asked about Indrani's case now, Sen said, "I stand by what I wrote then. It has nothing to do whatsoever with any of the events unfolding now. I have lost all contact with them."

The arrest has come as a shock to the Mukerjea family. "We are in the dark," said Peter's brother Gautam Mukerjea who runs a lifestyle magazine and finds himself involved in the sordid saga. Refuting allegations that the couple had siphoned off huge sums of money from the company in the name of various family members, Gautam said, "No money has come into my account. Whatever we have learned is from television," said Gautam confirming that at one point he did work as a salaried employee of 9X media.


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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani Muker

Sanjeev is not Sheena's father :-?


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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani

OK so 3 husbands, ehnu awein fadya, Nobel prize dena chaida..

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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani

Was asleep in car during murder, says Indrani Mukerjea’s second husband Sanjeev Khanna :np

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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani

Mumbai Police Says Sheena Was Pregnant

Another twist has come to fore in the sensational murder mystery of Sheena Bora, who was allegedly killed by her mother Indrani Mukherjea. It has been revealed now that Sheena was few months pregnant when she was brutally killed. The man who had made Sheena pregnant was someone very close to Indrani. As per media reports, Sheena had even gone to Thailand along with this unidentified man.

According to police, Sheena and media baron Peter's son from an earlier marriage, Rahul, were dating for over a year which their family did not like.

Sheena was kidnapped from outside the National College in western suburbs. She came here from Assam in 1990s along with Indrani and completed BA Economics from St Xavier's College.

In June 2011, she got a job with Reliance Mumbai Metro but suddenly stopped coming to duty after some time, police said. In the same year, her Facebook account was deactivated.

Police had unearthed remains of a decomposed body three years ago after villagers at Gagode in Pen tehsil complained of foul odour emanating from the area.

According to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria, the the victim was strangulated to death and her body set afire after pouring petrol. The murder took place on 24 April, 2012 and the body was found by Raigad police on May 23, he said.

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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani

Mikhail Bora, brother of Sheena, told police on Friday that Indrani Mukerjea, his mother, had tried to kill him on the same day - April 24, 2012 - that she murdered Sheena. She had called him to her Mumbai home and spiked his drink but he fled just in time, he said in his statement to the police.

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Re: Woman allegedly killed by TV tycoon's wife Indrani








Sheena Bora murder reveals another shocking. According to police sources, Indrani alleges that her stepfather had raped her Upen Bora. As a result, Indrani got pregnant and gave birth to Sheena. Sheena was his sister and daughter in this way. When arrested by Indrani told sister Sheena. Later confessed during interrogation that his daughter Sheena. The case involving the 5 character - former CEO of INX Indrani Mukherjee, former CEO of Star India Peter Mukherjee, his son Rahul Mukherjee, Indrani Indrani's ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna's son Mikhail and are repeatedly turned hostile.
Mumbai Police sources told Indrani Sheena during Friday's interrogation revealed the daughter and sister. Indrani was questioned Friday about 10 hours.

These two claims are also pointing toward

1. stepfather had exploited

Mumbai Police sources revealed on Friday before senior journalist Vir Sanghvi claimed it was in talks with India Today. Sanghvi says Indrani told himself that his father had left home in childhood. Then her mother, brother (Indrani's uncle) was married. Indrani's stepfather used his exploitation. During this time his mother did not protect her. Indrani therefore went from Guwahati to Kolkata.

2. 1982 was the runaway Indrani
English newspaper The Telegraph report said, were not on good terms with each of Upen and Indrani. Indrani in 1982 because he tried to escape from the house. However, he was brought home from the station hold.

These characters are changed frequently statement
Cases involving character deposition are changing rapidly. Because of this murder mystery is deepened.

1. Indrani Mukherjee

First: Peter Mukherjee said Sheena sister is always with the world. Mumbai Police had claimed that Indrani had confessed to the murder.

Now: After the arrest, police said Sheena sister, daughter. Now it has been revealed that she had a daughter and sister. Now that being said, confessed to the murder Indrani is also retracted.

2. Peter Mukherjee

First: Peter said, 'Indrani had never told her daughter Sheena. He always used to tell her sister. '

Now: Peter said, 'he once said to me that Sheena is the daughter of Indrani, sister. Sheena Jiju I would say. In 2011, during a wedding Sheena told me Believe me, I am the daughter of Indrani. '

What questions were asked : According to a report by The Telegraph, while married to Peter Indrani knew Mikhail Sheena and her children. A few days after the wedding, both of these children also had met in a hotel in Guwahati. What Peter know everything? What are they trying to hide?

3. Sanjeev Khanna

First: Sanjeev said, "When Sheena driver and Indrani sit in the car, I was there. Later fell asleep. When I woke up and saw that Sheena's body was lying next to me. ''

Now: Mumbai Police Sanjeev Khanna confessed that Sheena's strangled body after death and he was involved in the disposal by burning.

What questions were asked: According to a report by the Telegraph, said Sanjiv Khanna Indrani several cases of harassment was getting divorced from her. Despite poor relations with Sanjeev Khanna Indrani was ready to why? Indrani was what lured him money? Indrani and Sanjeev what his daughter Sheena killing method to set the future?

4. Mikhail Bora

First: Mikhail told earlier that he met the last time in December 2011 by Sheena. Then Sheena came to Guwahati for a friend's wedding. According to him, Indrani always used to say that Sheena is in the US.

Now: Mikhail told the police that on 24 April 2012 murder of Sheena the day he was in Mumbai. He also claims that Indrani and Sanjeev together, tried to kill him.

What questions were asked: According to a report by The Telegraph, 13 days after the death of Sheena Mikhail Rejigneshn letter was sent to the company on his behalf. He did so at the behest of Indrani. Raises questions of whether Mikhail is playing a double game? Sheena he had information about the murder? He helped lure of money?

5. Rahul Mukherjee

First: Rahul had said that he and Sheena were together for six years. He was later told that the US is gone. He also took breakup.

Now: He told the police that on the day in question was the murder of Sheena, Worli from the day that he was going to Indrani. I had to drop him there. Sheena also had been engaged in 2011.

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Indrani's lawyer claims she was slapped during her custody

Indrani's lawyers complain to Mumbai CP that police tried to take confessional statement of Indrani during remand and that they are pressurising her.

Cops detain hitman hired to kill Mikhail Bora

Indrani paid Rs 2.5 lakh to hitman to get son killed, sources say

Police team reaches the spot from where body parts of #SheenaBora were recovered in Pen (Raigad).

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High-Profile Murder Case Bora Sheena is a revealing. According to media reports Indrani Mukherjee Pwoijn slow to kill his daughter Sheena was giving Bora. According to the report Sheena Indrani his friends feared that giving him Pwoijn slow.
This investigation was also confirmed in the medical examination. This information was given by Hakshina friends of Sheena's friends said she was often sick, which led him to be suspected of poisoning.
This is the beginning of 2012. According to a friend of Sheena both fell ill were taken to Delhi for her test, the report revealed to be Pwoijn. Then Sheena came nearly two months treatment and then returned to the Guwahati.
Sheena in Guwahati with Indrani's parents were some days. Later he moved to Mumbai. Similar developments were finally killed. Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that the alleged death of Sheena and her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna Indrani clashed. Both of them have blamed each other for the murder.

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Indrani disclosed, Sheena is alive and unharmed in the US

Sheena Bora high profile murder case was spinning mother Indrani Mukherjee in Mumbai police interrogation has revealed sensational. According to the news release quoting sources, said that his daughter Sheena Indrani is alive and completely safe in America.

Indrani says, Sheena is not coming out, because I'd hate him. According to police sources, Indrani has said so many times