Shahrukh Khan talks about the pains he endured!

Shahrukh Khan talks about the pains he endured!​

Almost two decades later, the charisma and magic of Shahrukh Khan is still intact and his box office clout unbeatable and comparable only to the other two Khans, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan (especially after DABANGG).
Last year fans were treated to just one SRK film, MY NAME IS KHAN, and after flooring the critics and his fans, as well as the discerning audience with a superlative heart felt performance in MNIK, Shahrukh disappeared from the big and small screen, although he made appearances in various ads.
However, it was not a long overdue vacation or holiday that he owed his family or something alike that kept him away from the lime light, but it was health concerns that forced him to take a long break.
Shahrukh talked about his shoulder injury and the surgery and said that he had to stay at home and recoup after that. Talking about his pains he said that he had almost no rest for about three months as he could not even sleep peacefully. In fact, he had to sit and sleep and could not even perform a day-to-day task like taking a bath due to the extreme pain that he felt due to his injury.
SRK explained that following his surgery he was forced to take a long break to recuperate during which he spent almost four to five hours everyday in physiotherapy. He also disclosed that although it took a lot of time for pain to ease and wounds to heal yet he now feels healthy and fit.
Well, that certainly is what heroes are made of; they know how to fight against all odds and come out with flying colours and SRK is indeed a superhero in real life too and an inspiration for all!