Shahrukh Khan grows thin because of make-up


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Strenuous shooting takes its toll

The shooting of Ra.One is on at full swing and one person who is most affected by it is producer-actor Shahrukh Khan. According to reports, the actor has lost weight since the shooting began and is looking quite thin now.

Actually the movie requires Shahrukh to wear prosthetic make-up for at least 8-10 hours, and the star can’t even take a break in between. The make-up cast applied on the star is very delicate and it takes hours for the artists to paste it again, if taken off. The pitiful thing is that during the strenuous make-up hours, SRK can’t even drink or eat.

Though the star has lost weight and is looking weak, his doctors know this is not a problem to worry about. Once the shooting gets over, he will be back in shape.

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