Shahrukh Khan gets racy, drives supercar


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He is calling the shots for his much cherished film Ra.One. Now, watch out for the speedster Shahrukh Khan as he gears up to drive one of the world’s fastest available supercars, the Volkswagen Bugatti, in his film. A superhero needs a super fast car, after all.

Driving a Bugatti, however, calls for special training. So the actor will take special driving classes for it. As a daily reports, “A team of technicians from The Pirates Of The Caribbean crew is being flown down to teach Shah Rukh how to drive the car with ease.”

Currently, the star is enjoying holidays with his kids and will take them to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup final. After that he will be in London to resume the shooting of Ra. One where he will learn to drive Bugatti and will also shoot for the scenes with the car.

Ra.One is the short form for “Random Access Version One”. SRK plays a superhero named G.One, who drives a super fast car.

Vra Vra Vroom…