Shahrukh Khan can puff the cancer stick!


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Shahrukh Khan without his dose of nicotine? Nah! The actor is permitted to smoke in a hotel during his stay in Germany. Special treatment for special guest as the rules don’t allow puffing cigarette in public places.

King Khan is staying in a Berlin hotel for the shooting of his film Don 2, and since everyone knows SRK smokes like chimney, the hotel officials allowed him to follow his habit. In Germany, lighting up is prohibited since 2008 especially in hotels and restaurants, but not in SRK’s suite.

As producer Ritesh Sidhwani tells a tabloid, “Shah Rukh’s suite has a terrace attached and they (the hotel authorities) were kind enough to allow him to smoke only on the terrace.” Germany loves Shahrukh; in fact, the Berlin mayor gave him a personal tour of the majestic Town Hall, the Rotes Rathaus, reveals reports. German media too is going gaga over the actor.

It has been more than two months since SRK began shooting in Berlin for ‘Don 2.’ So, is it possible for King Khan to forego his ciggie?



fer kehnde lok smoking ni chad de...rule te bend kari jande ne..2 mahine na peen dinde..teeje mahine ehne aape ni si mangni..