Shahrukh Khan apologizes to Salman and Farah!


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The superstar extends an olive branch

In a season when ‘Koffee With Karan’ has made news for controversial comments, Shahrukh Khan has gone ahead and made a most humble admission on the show.

The superstar appeared on the show alone and was his charming and candid best. When host and dost Karan Johar asked SRK about the people who are no longer on talking terms with him, SRK gave a surprising reply.

“Shah Rukh said that if they weren't talking to him, it could probably be his fault,” as source is quoted to have told a tabloid.

Obviously, Karan was alluding to Salman Khan - who hasn’t talked with SRK since his quarrel with him on Katrina Kaif’s birthday in 2008. Farah Khan, on the other hand, fell out with her once-favourite friend after SRK reportedly objected to her leaving him out of her film Tees Maar Khan and signing Akshay Kumar instead.

Anyway, SRK’s admission that his spat with Salman and Farah were probably due to his own fault shows how introspective and humble he can be.

That’s why we love him all the more.