Shahid Kapoor hires tutor to learn Punjabi


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He was born to actor parents Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azeem in 1981, but only after 30 years has Shahid Kapoor realised that apart from following in his father's professional footsteps, there isn't much else that they have in common.

Shahid, who lived with his mother and maternal grandparents from the age of three after his parents divorced, has reportedly managed to get some much needed quality time with his father, while shooting for Pankaj's debut film, Mausam.

While the father and son have been enjoying spending time to bond, the harsh reality of the time gone by has dampened their spirits. Reportedly, it was only during the filming of Mausam that Shahid realised that he didn't know to speak his father's mother tongue, Punjabi.

A source informed that Shahid was so upset about not having any attachment to his father's roots that he hired a tutor to teach him the language.

"Shahid has the tutor travelling with him in London. He is really taking an interest to perfect the accent of the language. In fact, he has been trying to use the few words he has learnt to communicate with the others on the sets. Pankaj is very touched by Shahid's determination to learn Punjabi," explained the source.