Service tax on online payment of electricity bill


what it mean? it shows during online payment of electricity bill


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kit walker

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Re: Mean????

This amount is being charged by the company handling the online payment portal of PSPCL. earlier it was free on net banking. if you want to save money. Please pay in cash at collection center as these work from 8am to 8pm. Paying by cheque is must for bill above 5000INR.


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Re: Mean????

here you go brooo :)

if you pay online using Debit/Credit card than you will be charged 1% extra of your bill

eg- your bill - 100 rs + 1% of 100 = 100 + 1 = 101 rs

so you have to pay 101 rs

now internet banking

if you pay online using internet banking then you have to pay 4 rs extra :y no matter how much is your bill they will take 4 rs extra


your bill - 100 + 4rs = 104

i hope now its clear :)