Serious Disc.: lang. & the use of offensive words


Focusing on ________
Well Well ... :an

When ppl use words like "fu** nd shyt and a** etc etc or bi***" sum ppl get pretty offended ... sum ppl r cool ... sum ppl find it disgusting ... sum ppl dont even think tht nethin extraordinary has been said bla bla ...:an

what do you think ?:an

ill write my opinions afterwards.:an

but from my own personal perspective what i wanna say is ... i neva use parental abuses or go onto ne1's parents be it nething ... mostly wen i happen to use such words they arent more or less to abuse but juss sum adjective kinda words to describe a thing. for ex. if i miss da bus id prolly say ughh f...... bus ... or if sumthin really messed up happened id say fu.... shit :an

how wrong do u think that is ? acc. to me as long as i dont overdo it ... its juss an expression like o shyt o f... :an


another qn: do u think the scenarios for accepting these words are different in India and abroad ? :an