Send SMS to your friends free of cost, without Internet

This app will allow you to send SMS to your friends free of cost, without Internet

Are you tired of paying Messages bills? If yes! Then this application might help you to solve that problem. FireChat, which is a popular application on iPhone allows users to easily send text messages to their other friends without using carrier services. It uses the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity option to connect with other nearby smartphones. FireChat is currently in the Top 10 List in Apple App Store in over 80 countries and finally it is making its way to the Android platform.

We are expecting that FireChat would only work on iOS as it uses Apple’s messaging protocols, but the app developer Open Garden was already working on an Android version. Firechat has been recently launched for Android users as well. We can understand that this type of chat doesn’t work well for long distance friends, but it will be a good choice for chatting with friends on an airplane, in a sports stadium or in a small town.

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