Self help treatment for migraines


Waheguru Waheguru
Migraines are nasty, throbbing pains that you feel in your temples. Their intensity varies from mild to intolerable but are all a nuisance whichever attacks you. Migraines should not ruin everything for you. Try these self help treatments for migraine heachaches:​

1. Stress management. Although stress is not the actual cause of your migraine, it does trigger the attacks especially during the most stressful events of your life. Therapies that focus on managing stress could somehow lessen the occurrence and the severity of every attack. Stress management class will teach you how to relax and divert your mind away from the stress from consuming you, therefore stopping migraine before it even started.

2. Keep your cool, literally! A glass of cold water or even a cold compress on your head will make you feel better. Sometimes heat causes migraine attacks or even worsens it. Refreshing yourself by cooling your temperature down is a great way to lose the heat and your migraine pains.

3. Just dance! Dancing is a form of exercise that everybody could enjoy and relax. You can’ dance? So what? Your aim here should be that you will be able to keep your body moving, channeling your thoughts from your pains to your grooves.

4. Know your comfort food. A piece of chocolate, a cone of ice cream, a bag of chips, etcetera, should lift your spirits up during a migraine attack. This feel-good moment that is caused by the chemical reactions on your brain will effectively alleviate your pain.

5. Close or cover your eyes for a few minutes. Sometimes harsh lights could worsen the pain. By covering your eyes or closing them for just a couple of minutes, it will be rejuvenated and will eliminate some of the pain. This is most effective with people whose migraines are triggered by bright lights and from reading, or facing the computer screens for a long period of time.

6. Pop that pill! For worse case scenarios where the pain seems so intense that it disables you to function well, a painkiller like aspirin and paracetamol or the ones prescribed by your doctor could be taken. Pains caused by migraine can sometimes be debilitating and could affect everything that you do.

These self help treatments are recommended for you to be able to function well even during migraine attacks. They work very effectively to most people but because there are a lot of factors to consider like intensity of pain and one’s pain threshold, the effects may be just temporary and a doctor’s appointment may be unnecessary.


Punjabi jatt
thx ji i always suffer with the migraine i will keep those steps in my mind and will tell you the result.