Section for Education?


Done Deal !
very great idea, infact we have heelped each other on studies before, but there's just not a section for it, people had posted their questions related to studies or any help they wanted and most of the times they were answered, Dhillon paaji ik section bana do vakhra education da and then people can post their concerns in that !


gr88888888...kise ne ABC sikhni taan dass

canadian uni's te colleges baare vi dass sakdi aan...:an


If you are illetrate don't know how to read and write...please post here so we can help you read and write....:an :an :an


ok thoda engineering trades baare chan na paa sakda kisse ne australia auna padan taan...... currently Mining te Civil engineering bahut hi in demand trades ne ethe..(even both are in occupation most in demand list...hmmm mining es baar aajo for sure) will be a better deal who wanna pursue engineering in australia...unies v dass sakda if some1 is realy interested (plz koi IT karan na auna hi aa..then there are few new specialized areas ..jehde enna ne MODL ch paye aa ohna ch aa sakde o..choose ur course wisely...i mean in wat area it gonna specialize u)