Secret Behind Anushka's Hot Bum

OT Poster

This is for all the young women in the country who aspire to have a hot bod like their favourite role models from Bollywood. Gals, the truth is that Bollywood actresses face the same "body" challenges that you do. The only difference is that they have designers and health/fitness experts who help them in finding a solution to everything.

For instance, Anoushka Sharma, the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi girl, is in news for her sexy curves. Or should we say, "the lack of" sexy curves? Anoushka is currently working on two projects and both require her to look different. In Parmeet Sethi's film, opposite Shahid Kapoor
, Anoushka needs to look slim, fit and well toned. But in Nikhil Advani's "Patiala House", this babe has to play a Punjabi woman. Can typical Punjabi women be thin and lanky? Nope! So she has to sport a fuller bod with a wider and curvaceous behind, that looks good in traditional Punjabi attire. Poor Anoushka!

But designer Jaimal seems to have come to the rescue for Anoushka. Reportedly, Jaimal has attached bum pads to Anoushka's salwaars, so that she looks more curvy and fuller in her Punjabi salwaar kameez. We hear that the "bum pads" are being used a lot in the industry these days. And not by the ladies only!

Recently, there was a rumour that apna "kameena" bachcha Shahid Kapur has been wearing bum pads to look more attractive for his female fans. What can we say? It seems to be all about the butt lately! Let us hope Jaimal's bum pads work well for Anoushka. This just brings to mind images of famous booties from all over the world. Do you think Jennifer Lopez
wore bum pads in her trousers? Whenever Nikhil Advani's film releases, we know you will be watching out for more than Anoushka's performance!

But do you see, gals, that the Bollywood stars also go through a lot of trouble before they can look gorgeous and sexy. They need to look hot because it is the demand of their profession. But why do normal girls go to so much trouble to be thin and hungry looking? What's the point? It's not healthy and it won't last. It is not even attractive to "everyone". Wouldn't it be much better to be proud of whatever you are girls and to flaunt your sexy curves instead of trying to lose them?