~~Sat Sri Akal~~


Although I am bit late in giving my introduction but its better to be late thn never.

I am Mandeep (talk2me). basically from jalandhar, punjab and now a days studying my masters in london.

I luv punjabi music and bhangra. Participated at university level bhangra competition in punjab.

I really appreciate the efforts of whole team and thnx to admin for such a nice site and his great work. thnx a lot

I think its enough, hun tan mianu vi essay lagan lag peya. changa 22 sarean nu sat sri akal mere valon.


Focusing on ________
welcome welkam aa ji

and naa naa nthin like an essay .. its always cool to knw newbies better rather than asking da Qns again ng again :gig

hope ya enjoy to da max here :dan


welcome to UNP Mandeep and have fun shun........NJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beware of J@TTI, KPW, JYOT, SONIA_NZ:mean :mean baki sare bahut bhole ne.....:sleepy :sleepy


byi thode sarean nu thnk u hegi a ji, thnx for such a warm welcome. nalle JATTI_SYDNEY thnx byi mianu beware list den vaste.