saregamapa winners

I think halle tak tan koi ni jitiaa. Panj ku bande paye ne halle. I dun follow it but mom and sis vekhde ne. So i hear em now nd then. Its gud thou. :y


:an If any one followed this show.. then to let them know Debojit won the contest.. congratulations to the winner.

But, after watching this show, one thing that I know for sure is that my opinion is totally different from public's opinion.

First, I thought Paresh was really good.. and he should win.

But he was eliminated :saw

Then I thought nihira was good

and the very next episode she was eliminated :saw :saw

Then I thought himani was good

and then she gets elminated :saw :saw :saw

and out of the last three episodes.. I thought hema was good.. but this time I guessed it right, that he was going to get eliminated :an :tear

Out of the remaining two, I did not care who won, because I did not like either rofl rofl

But I 'm sure hema and nihira have a bright future ahead.. way to go!!!!!!



Done Deal !
Debojit did.....he is the winner voice of india

I saw it in news a abt 2 hrs ago and now i am watching the show, Grand Finale itself...........

I think They are both winners at this point, the platform they have acheived, they have got all the fame, But as fas as the winner Debojit won, and i think is a good choice, though vinit was good and people really liked him, but i personally thought him and his mentor got a bit conceited towards the end. Debojit seems a nice, humble and very modest person


Done Deal !
i agree jatti, Nihira and Hemu were extremely good too, that one performance by Hemu on his last day was the best performance saregamapa ever had i think
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