Sarbloh Warriors - BBC Misrepresents first sikh video game in the UK

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So there's been a lot of buzz today because of the BBC Asian Network discussions on the radio. I think its disgusting the way that they portrayed the game as being a "Sikhs Killing Muslims" game. They failed to research or understand the history and ended up heavily editing our interviews to manufacture a sensationalised false headline.
The journalist who did the initial news article didn’t have a CLUE about Punjabi History or any clue about research for that matter. I am a web researcher for a Museum. She didn’t even know that there were Muslims Generals in the Sikh army since the First army in the 1600 to the 1850's when the British Raj came in. She didn't even know that the Afghans invaded India and had wars with the Mughals and even took over Punjab and made the Mughal governors pay ransom every time they came.
Who needs research when you got the paparazzi Media to teach everyone about History.
I have lost faith in the BBC, they have a responsibility to the Community to enlighten not fire up the Masses. But I guess they don’t really care. If it makes a more interesting story they will twist it.

I went on BBC WM yesterday morning and they Apoligised afterwards as they agreed this was a load of Bullshit.

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Well hopefully our voices aren't falling on deaf ears, hopefully someone will come along and realise that this is not a religious war, as i have said COUNTLESS times there were Muslims in the Sikh army and Hindus and Sikhs in the Mughal army so how can it be "Sikhs versus Muslims", I just don't understand the logic or the research behind that statement. But i guess that doesn't make a SENSATIONAL news story does it?
Anyway we have emailed the Muslim Council of Britain for feedback and want to reassure everyone that we are active in getting Muslims involved in our game, and to prove that this game will not incite hatred but understanding. I have Muslim neighbours and friends who are like family to me and I would never intentionally offend them in anyway.
Our story is actually about finding peace and that killing and revenge is not the Guru's way. The problem is that if we published our story and what path it takes everyone would know what's going to happen and not play the game.
At the end of the day you are not going to stop kids from playing games and the only way to combat that situation is if you make alternative games with strong morals.

Well just when the BBC thought they could misrepresent, lie and twist stories and get away with it, it seems not everyone believed their "silly tabloid, gossiping auntie next door, twisted mythological made up tales from another planet". We have been inundated with emails of support from Sikhs and Muslims who believed the story was made out be something that it wasn't. A few Muslims have even been offended by the fact that all Muslims would be lumped under one banner assuming that all Muslims should take offence because of the crimes of a few corrupt governors and nawabs 200 years ago.
The Eastern Eye contacted me after the BBC Asian Network Broadcast, and I immediately confessed that I had no experience with media and was now totally put off speaking to any journalists because of the way i had been treated by the BBC Asian Network. They assured me that they wanted to get an accurate story and not a sensationalised headline. I opened up and gave them all the information I had.
I was so glad that they actually listened to us carefully and treated it as a sensitive matter and published a balanced article. Please buy the newspaper its out NOW. click the thumbnail to the left or click this LINK to see the article in full.