Sara Khan: I am in Pakistan and my parents are extremely concerned

Miss Alone

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Actress Sara Khan is currently in Pakistan, shooting for a TV show. Given the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan in the wake of the Uri attack, her parents are extremely worried for her. Since IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association) has announced a ban on all Pakistani artistes working in India, we got in touch with the actress, who has been shooting across the border for the past 20 days. She says, "My family is extremely concerned and I try to calm them down all the time. There's nothing to worry about. In fact, my Pakistani colleagues go out of their way to make me feel safe. People here are warm and hospitable. I will be home on October 6."
Ask her about the mood there and she replies, "It's disturbing to see so much tension between the two countries. People here are praying that the unrest ends soon. Whenever something like this (terror attack) happens, Pakistanis fear that they will be blamed for it."
She says Pakistanis love Indian artistes. "They appreciate our culture and want to travel to India. They also enquire if they will be treated well when they come here. I tell them that Indians welcome everyone as we believe in atithi devo bhava. Pakistanis want to be friends," she states.

About IMPAA's ban, she says, "I don't support it. Art has to be above politics. Artistes believe in spreading love, peace and brotherhood. I want to emphasise that terrorism in any form, anywhere, needs to be condemned unequivocally. I hope India and Pakistan can bridge their differences and work towards peace and understanding."
While Sara may be soaking up love and attention in Pakistan, she is dying to return home. "I just want to get back as soon as possible, to celebrate Navratri," she signs off.