Samsung's Galaxy S II


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What is it?

The Galaxy S II is Samsung's flagship Android phone and successor to the wildly popular Galaxy S.

Don't sequels usually suck?

Yes they do, but not when it comes to gadgizmos! The Galaxy S II is better in every way than the original, which was a beast of a phone to begin with. It features considerable improvements which have made it the company's fastest selling phone.

What's the horsepower on this, then?

Glad you asked. With a dual core processor and twice the RAM (1GB), the Galaxy S II will take anything you throw at it — HD video, graphic intensive games and even all the fancy animations its interface has. Of course, you're not limited to only watching HD videos — thanks to its beautiful eyes, you can capture them at 1,080p too. And your stills, they come in at 8 megapixels for your landscapes with the rear camera, or 2 megapixels with the front for your pretty little face. And it's able to do all that without taking much of a hit to the battery life, thanks to a higher-capacity battery.

So that's the brains. What about the beauty?

There's a lot of that too. At 8.49mm thick, the Galaxy S II is one of the slimmest phones on the market — slimmer than the original. Coming in at 116g, it is indeed extremely light. The screen is sized at 4.3 inches, which is slightly bigger than the original, but the magic lies in the technology powering it. Using a Super AMOLED Plus display means the visuals are super plus awesome with deep blacks and vivid colours, even at odd angles.

How light is it going to make my wallet (or purse)?

It is a high(est)-end smartphone, so it doesn't come cheap. However, the Samsung Galaxy S II does deliver the bang for every one of your bucks. You can find it at your local mobile retailers slightly north of Dh2,500.