Samsung YP-MB2 spotted in the wild (iPod touch for Android)


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Samsung YP-MB2 rumors have been making the rounds for a few weeks. This device looks an awful lot like an Android powered smartphone — but without the phone. It’s basically a portable media player with the ability to run Android apps — sort of like an Android powered iPod touch. While Samsung hasn’t officially announced the product yet, it’s been spotted in the wild as you can see in the blurrycam video below.

The device looks an awful lot like a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and is expected to have similar specs including a 4 inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Google Android 2.1. It features the Samsung Touchwiz user interface on top Android.

It’s not entirely clear at this point whether it will have Android Market access, but I don’t see much point on releasing a device like this without it. You now, unless you just really want to spend a lot of money on a portable device for playing audio and video files. Sure, you can painstakingly download files one by one and copy them to the SD card to install them manually, but the Android Market makes things much easier by offering a central location for downloading and installing apps from your mobile device.

You can check out the video below. The folks at Engadget also spotted a product listing for the Samsung YP-MB2 at a Korean shopping site, although there’s no price or release date yet… just a “coming soon” message.

[ame=]YouTube - YP-MB2(Android PMP)