Samsung Smartphone Gamepad,a new Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Samsung Smartphone Gamepad, a new Bluetooth Gaming Controller announced

Back in March, when Samsung launched Galaxy S4 smartphone, there were some rumors regarding Samsung’s upcoming Bluetooth gaming controller. But at that time there were no official details regarding this device and finally today the company has announced its new Bluetooth Gamepad, which is known as Samsung Smartphone Gamepad.

The new Smartphone Gamepad is on lookwise very similar to the previous model. It includes 8-way D-pad, 2 analog sticks, 4 action buttons, 2 triggers, select/start, and a PLAY button which is specifically optimized for Samsung devices.

According to the Press Release, this GamePad will work with every Android device running Android 4.3+ and this device has been specially optimized for Galaxy Smartphones. You can read the full specification below, to know more about this device.

The price of this device is currently unknown, but it is available in select European markets and will come in other regions in coming weeks.