Samsung Android tablet spotted on video


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It’s no secret at this point that Samsung is woking on a 7 inch tablet running Google Android. But while the company prematurely posted a photo of the tablet recently (before removing it), and some specs have been leaked, solid information is still hard to come by. But the folks at OLED-Info have spotted a video that certainly seems to show a 7 inch Samsung tablet running Google Android.

You’ll notice that the buttons at the base of the tablet aren’t laid out the same way as those in the photo we’d already seen. So it’s possible that one of these tablets is just a prototype — or it could be another model. We’ve heard that Samsung may be introducing as many as three tablets this year. It’s also possible that what we’re looking at is a fake — but it’s a pretty good looking fake.

Judging by the gallery app, this tablet definitely seems to be running Google Android 2.1. But it seems to have some custom features including Samsung’s more iPhone-like program launcher.

[ame=]YouTube - Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000