Salman Khan's new party fight night


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It's almost becoming a Bollywood birthday party tradition, whereby Salman Khan winds up wrecking the celebrations by ending up in a brawl. And after his infamous fight with Shah Rukh Khan at Katrina's birthday bash three years ago, Sallu has returned with ‘Party Fight: The Sequel', this time with film-maker, Bunty Walia, at his one-time best bud, Sanjay Dutt's wife's party.

Onlookers claimed that as soon as Salman bumped into Bunty at the bash he started arguing with him - "But before it got nasty, Sanjay's manager, Dharam Oberoi, intervened and moved Bunty away," spilled a guest at the party.

Pals say that ever since Bunty and Salman's brother Sohail parted ways in business, the two have been at loggerheads. Known for his erratic mood swings, Salman then shifted his ire to the host, with sources claiming it was because Sanju had refused to play his father in Bodyguard, with Sanju insisting, "I'm not old enough to play his (Salman's) dad." Although guests have stayed tight-lipped over whether there were actual fisticuffs, Sanju's dinner party for Salman's rival, SRK, the following day revealed there was some bad blood after all, with Sanjay insisting he isn't willing to play peace-maker in the Sallu/SRK fight, insisting, "I have no right to intrude in their personal space."

So, has the success of two back-to-back hits in Dabangg and Ready gone to Salman's head? Pretty soon, he won't have any B-town pals at all!