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Short Description : Epic movie on The Martyrs of Nankana Sahib...DEATH COULD NOT STOP THEM

Long Description : The SAKA constitutes the core of the Gurudwara reform movement started by the Sikhs in early twentieth century. The interesting part of this saka (demonstration or agitation) is the unprecedented discipline, self-control and exemplary patience displayed by the peaceful Sikh protesters even in the face of extreme barbarism. Even the national leaders like Mahatama Gandhi had to acknowledge in no ambiguous terms the glory and the prestige which the peaceful and passive resistance of the Sikhs had brought to the India's Struggle for freedom.
Gurdwara Nankana Sahib was managed by Mahant Narayan Das in the early 20th century.. Money-power made the Mahant corrupt and he started using the Gurdwara's money for wrongful deeds. The Mahant was a very desolute and wicked person who also used Gurdwara premises for immoral and highly objectionable activities. .
When Mahant Narian Dass was asked to reform himself, he started making preparations to oppose the Panth (Sikh community) instead.On feburary 20,1921 there was a peaceful protest against mahant narain dass to hand over nankana sahib back to the sikh community but he got all the protestors brutally killed with indirect help from britishers.How Nankana sahib was finally freed from the clutches of mahant after this incident forms the crux of story. In political significance, it comes next only to Jallianwala bagh massacre of April 1919.

Directed By Jagmeet Singh Samundri
Written By Jagmeet Singh Samundri/ Additional dialogues - Tarlochan Singh kharoud
Screenplay By Jagmeet Singh Samundri
Produced By Sukhbir Sandhar Films pvt. Ltd.
Release Date : October 2015​
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