"Said-No-Girl-Ever": 10 things that will never pass her lips


*Nirbhau Nirvair*

New Delhi: No matter how much inconsequential chatter and gossip men might think women waste their time on, there are some things they'll never hear femmes say. Twitter is abuzz with these today. We count down the top 10 things you won't hear, even if you beg her to say it.

#1 I'm trying to gain weight - no matter her shape and size, this gain she can do without

#2 No, honey! I have enough clothes and shoes... - replace with I have nothing to wear

#3 I love cleaning, cooking and laundry... - just as much as men

#4 Sure you can help organize the wedding - if organizing includes paying bills

#5 It makes me love you even more when you don't return any of my texts for hours at a time - I love you, like I hate you?

#6 I love the way you lie - okay Beyonce might, that's about it

#7 Your pick up lines are working - like a broken phone connection. Sorry, I am out of coverage area

#8 I think I'm going to go to the bathroom by myself today - if you promise to watch the match alone

#9 Oh, and I'm so excited about your business meeting tomorrow, tell me more about it - read: wake me up when you finish

#10 Yes, I liked how you broke my heart and then asked me to be your friend - from friends to lovers. Some things are irreversible