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Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

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Hello All,

Please read the rules before posting any poem here.

1) Please ensure no abusive words.
2) Words should not be against to any religion/ caste/ community/ country.
3) Please post in right section according to the language of the poem i.e. English, Hindi, Punjabi
4) Writer's name is mandatory to mention in the end of the poem. If it is ur creation, mention ur name, if it is a copy/paste mention the name of original writer.
5) If you are not aware with the name of writer, Please mention the following:
"Writer - Unknown"
6) In case where writer is UNKNOWN, if anybody claim in future about copyrights of that poem, After proper investigations, same will be edited.
7) Please don't post one or two liner poem in a unique single thread,, means if you have one or two liner poems, please post at least 3 poems in a thread..
8) If one/two liner poem is a self creation and on a picture, can be exempted

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