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Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

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Please follow the following rules before posting in GAMES section.

1. Before making any new game, please check whether same or relevant game is available or not.
2. You may check/ consult with UNP team before making any new game.
3. Any game should not be against to any Community/Religion/Country/Personal feelings.
4. Games are for fun only, Please don't take them personally.
5. Please don't target/hurt any member personally.
6. If you feel any post against to you/ hurting you, Please report the same without any arguments/fight.
7. Any member cannot post more than 5 consecutive posts in a game.
8. Please don't post duplicate content frequently to increase post count.

Note: Games Rules framing is under consideration and discussion, Detailed Rules will be framed & pasted shortly.
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