Romantic Lovely Story - U must read Once !!


ImmorTaL KhalsA
A cute but unique love story !

An Indian Boy falls in love with a foriegner girl. Just wen both bcam
crazy in love - gal suddenly disappear & later boy gt 2 knw dat she is in some different country wid her new BF. Boy bcoms MR J to take revenge & get his GF back & goes to dat country but d gal in d new country
is actually another gal & gal dat he loved died in sum scandal - boy then cums bak to India for punishing all those involved - D story is of Kites which is based on d novel platonic love.

Enjoy... :)
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puttar jis din tera band krn wala switch labh gya na..... uddin tu gya mere hatho...:thappar...pta ni kidda de puthe sidhe threads banaunda rehnda


taran, moviyan de suspense ni kharab karne :mno pehlan vi mera my name is khan da saara swaad kharab karta si :mno