Punjab News River Waters Royalty, SAD ready to fight ‘do-or-die’ battle


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Patiala, June 29

The SAD today announced that the party is ready to fight a battle on the issue of the payment of royalty to Punjab by other states using the water of the state rivers.

The ongoing tussle on the issue got further momentum with SAD general secretary Prem Singh Chandumajra stating that “the SAD is committed to fight a “do or die” battle on the issue but would not allow any injustice with the state.”

Speaking to The Tribune, Chandumajra accused the successive Congress governments at the Centre of ignoring the riparian laws.

He said the Centre was doing injustice with the state by adopting double standards on the issue of not giving royalty to the state for usage of water from state rivers by other states.

“From a total of 40.78 lakh hectare area under agriculture, Punjab is managing to provide water from the Sutlej, Ravi and Beas rivers through canal distributaries to just 11.93-hectare agriculture area. The state has also installed 13 lakh tube wells for meeting the water demands of 28.85-lakh hectare agriculture area,” he said, while adding that other states were getting water from Punjab and in return, the state was not even getting the royalty.

He said because of this, state farmers were compelled to install tube wells and on account of the increasing diesel prices, farmers were being burdened with huge debt.

He further said because of these reasons, the state assembly had unanimously passed the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act on July 12, 2004. “The hearing of the case pertaining to the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act, 2004, would start in the Supreme Court from July 13 and services of best lawyers in the country would be taken to pursue the case of Punjab,” he announced.

He also condemned the decision of the Congress of not accompanying the all-party delegation that would be meeting the Prime Minister on the matter.


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ha ha ha ha so true pps so true .....hahahaha..........ijjat sadi rahe na koi pur kursi saddi reh javve ...kursi sahne kite j tu rabba sadde nazari pae jave..mint ch tennu laah k daie sukbir badal bithaa rubba ...oo tu ohle karkey bachea ae nai vech k jande khaa rabba


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Re: River Waters Royalty, SAD ready to fight ‘do-or-die’ ba

kuch ni honnaa eh salea je kuch kitta v tan awde layee hi karna khajan khali hai punjab da centre hor paisa dendi nahi honi tahion eh sochea hona ke baii eddan paisa khada jawea kheda rotaly lakea punjab te kharch karna awda hi tidh bharna galh tan cc je panni punjab nu milda kisna da kuch bhala hunda eh tan awde layee roti pak rahi hai